I have generated an inLineEditableGrid with say columns 'A','B','C' and 'D'(column names).The datatypes of the columns are different
I have different types of fields as editors for columns. Of the 4 columns 3('A','B' and 'D') have simpleComboBox has editable fields attached.
The grid is loaded(with some data) with the above mentioned settings(i.e., different editor types attached to cells of different columns).

Now my project requirements forces me to dynamically change the values in simpleComboBox of 'B' and 'D' columns depending on the value selected from
the simpleComboxBox of 'A'.

Foe example:
Imagine the grid is loaded as shown the attached picture and column 'A' has simpleCombox as field editable and it has 'abc','def','qwe' as values in the drop down
Similarly think columns 'B' has 'zxc' , 'def' as values in simpleComboBox before any value is selected in 'A' and column 'D' has 'bfv','mnb' as values in simpleComboBox.

Now when a value in simpleComboBox attached to 'A' is selected say 'abc'... THEN THE VALUES OF THE SIMPLECOMBOBOXES OF COLUMN 'C' AND COLUMN 'D' have to be changed depending on the value selected from column A (abc).
This change is achieved by passing the value 'abc' to back-end and retrieve a corresponding NEW SET for columns 'B' and 'D'.

My question is how can I do this without reloading the grid(which is not recommended understandably since I can be selecting different values for column 'A' in different rows
and hence reloading the grid everytime is not feasible option).