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Thread: Graph looks bad in chrome 32

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    Default Graph looks bad in chrome 32

    Hi When testing graph in chrome 32 beta (the release is soon in 1st of january)
    All the graph tooltip become big covering the chart itself and the chart become uselss.
    We use gxt 2.2.5 where chart are still flash based with no option to currently upgrade.

    Is there a workaround ?

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    I did some testing.

    - On the mac open flash chart library works fine with chrome 32.
    - I replicated the issue on windows, but then I tried installing from and then got it working
    - I reinstalled chrome 31 and then chrome 32 charts worked.
    - The flash versions looked the same in all my installs.
    - I tried the installs on windows 7 vms with chrome 32 and noticed different scenarios could get the flash lib to work, so this leaves me suspect that the chrome 32 or flash in chrome 32 or maybe cached file is being used.

    From the looks of it, I suspect this is an issue with Chrome and flash build. Please report the issue to the Chrome team. We are still investigating. I suspect this is an upgrade path issue although I'm digging into it.


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