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Thread: ext.dir changed on cmd init in workspace config

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    Default ext.dir changed on cmd init in workspace config

    I don't know if this is a problem of Sencha Architect or Sencha Cmd.

    I changed the ext.dir property in .sencha/workspace/sencha.cfg because I moved the .sencha/workspace directory. After this I commit .sencha/workspace, metadata, .architect and App.xds to my svn repository.

    After I checkout a new copy of the repository and save the Sencha Architect project, the init process of Sencha Cmd starts and create all files ((.sencha/app, override, theme, app.json ...) and change the ext.dir property in .sencha/workspace/sencha.cfg to {workspace.dir}/ext and copy all needed files of ExtJS to this directory.

    I think the property should not been changed.

    Other properties in sencha.cfg are not changed or removed (I added skip.sass=1 and skip.theme=1).

    Sencha Architect on MacOS X Mavericks

    channel: 3.0.1-stable
    framework: Ext JS 4.2.x

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    Architect looks for .sencha/ director and the app.config in the root of the project to determine if the project has been made cmd ready.

    I believe if you setup a proper workspace this should be a valid check
    Phil Strong

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