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Thread: Integrate Sencha Animator events on Architect events

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    Default Integrate Sencha Animator events on Architect events

    Hi all,

    Can I design a css3 website with animations on the Animator and then integrate it into the MVC on the Sencha Architect in order to define events on the controllers to add some logic and communication with the database with Ext.Direct.

    Basically on the Architect MVC the View will be the result from the Sencha Animator plus eventual some other architect components like grids and so on.

    It would be very cool if it was that simple, is it ?

    Can you provide a simple example ?

    Thank you.


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    Hi blopes,

    It is not that simple, but it is still possible to insert your animation into a ExtJS / Touch project with a little bit of coding. What you can do is render the animation inside a container in your app and use Animator API to control it (start / stop / switch scene etc.). The API is documented here:!/api

    Triggering an Ext event from inside the animation is possible if you are rendering the animation in the same scope as your app (so not inside an iframe). With this, you should be able to attach event listeners to the dom elements (objects) inside your animation, by using dom selectors. To do that you need to use delegating more or less like this:

    //ExtJS example
    Ext.getBody().on('click', function(event, target){  
    // code to do something on click
    }, null, {
      delegate: '.my-animation-element-class'
    To read more about delegation, take a look at this blogpost:
    and the documentation for addListener in ExtJS
    and in Touch

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