I'm building an android application using phonegap/jquerymobile and I'm using sencha-touch carousel for an images gallery. The carousel is configured with fullscreen:true and opened when a button is touched. When I use crsl.hide(); or crsl.destroy(); to close the carousel the button becomes no longer touchable so I use $(".x-container").hide() also to fix this but I found that the body stopped scrolling completely.

I tried to setup the carousel using fullscreen:false and renderTo but the problem still exists.
I noticed that the sencha touch adds style attribute and class names to the body tag and I tried to remove them after closing the carousel but the body still can not be scrolled on android phonegap browser (but it becomes scrollable again on my PC chrome).

The only working solution was to reload the page using self.location='index.html' but it takes so much time to response in the phonegap android app.

Any ideas?