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Thread: Accessing record data from an external mousedown event.

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    Default Accessing record data from an external mousedown event.


    I have a grid which includes a combobox. The first time a value from the combobox is selected I need to store that value so that I can repopulate the combobox later. Later when a user clicks on a checkbox from the same row I need to get access to the original value that was stored for that row. Essentially I want to add an 'originalValue' record to the record, which I can later access from the checkboxes onMouseDown event. I am using Ext 3.4. What is the best way to set and access this data?

    Thanks for any help you can provide

    Ext.grid.CheckColumn.prototype = {...
            onMouseDown : function(e, t) {
                // Determine if this is a checkbox click
                if (t.className
                        && t.className.indexOf('x-grid3-cc-' + != -1) {
                    // Manually set the value of the checkbox
                    var rowIndex = this.grid.getView().findRowIndex(t);
                    var record =;
                    if (this.dataIndex == "reconfirmTrade") 
                        console.log(record.get('originalValue')); //comes back undefined
                        record.set(this.dataIndex, ![this.dataIndex]);
    //on combobox i set the record when the item is selected.
    'select' : function(combo, record, index) {
                    if (this.originalValue == null || this.originalValue == '')
                                                record.set('originalValue', this.startValue);

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    The record should keep track of any modifications. Have you inspected the record object itself?
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    Default Mitchell

    Hi Mitchell,

    Thanks for your response. I did find a 'modified' member on record object which I was able to use.

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