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Thread: NUBE: Can Someone Build An Example For Me

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    Default NUBE: Can Someone Build An Example For Me

    Hi people,

    I've been playing around with ext for about a week now, so I'm getting there. I'll post some 'super-simple' examples I've built for other NUBES in the next few days...

    As for me I was wondering if someone could build me two demos:

    Demo One:

    three boxes on a page, one box is dragable, the other two boxes one can receive the box, the other can not receive it

    Demo Two:

    The layout I am looking for is:

    - The right hand box is a list of items to go into the left and middle box
    - The left box is able to receive small items only
    - The center box can receive either small or large items from the right hand list
    - The list item on the right when dropped will turn into the height of the object

    For example:

    The list:

    - Item 1: Label=Item One, width=200, height=200
    - Item 2: Label=Item Two, width=300, height=100
    - Item 2: Label=Item Three, width=100, height=100
    - Item 3: Label=Item Four, width=201, height=300
    - Item 4: Label=Item Five, width=100, height=300

    It's a bit ask I know... it gets me on track for the more complex things I'm aiming to do, and it will help heaps of other people understand how it works.

    You can put them on the same page if you want, I'd prefer the javascript to be in two files to make it easier for us NUBE's to understand: ie example1.js and example2.js

    Thanks heaps!!

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    read this as for the start

    Details are a question of experiments and code reading as we all do :wink:
    Wolfgang Schmidetzki

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