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I made a patch to your current svn revision. Fixes a issue with your php code for saving and opening files. At least on my server it was turning all " into \" which wouldn't allow me to reload it after saving.

I also added two little quick things. I included jsmin and a js formatter and added 2 new buttons on the json edit window and the codefield box's.

I signed up on your bugtracker also. Which is why i added the jsmin feature i saw someone had put in a feature request for it and figured it wouldn't take me long to do. and the library i used to do both the formatting and minify has no license conflicts. Both say you can use it for whatever you see fit basicly. I'm not sure if you want this patch or not but i figured i'd offer just let me know where to send it if you do.

Also if i can find the time today i'm gonna try to finish one of other change or addon. Putting this awesome app of yours into a adobe air app with a new file provider using the system open and save options. I haven't gotten to far into it so i don't know how well it will work but in theory at least in my mind should be pretty easy to do.

I have a few other ideas to which if i complete i will share with you and you can include them or not up to you.

I'll also send you a copy of that if you wish. When i get it finished i'd also be willing time allowing to keep the adobe air version up2date with your based version.

I really like what you have made here so just trying to help a little bit.