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Thread: Speed up reload time during development?

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    Default Speed up reload time during development?

    I am trying to decide whether I would like to use sencha for my next webapp. For my first generated app, I used the (sencha generate app) and hosted it on my VPS (sencha web start). Everything works fine, but the start-up time and for everytime I refresh the page, it takes at least 5 seconds to go from 3 dots loading screen to fully loaded page. And this is only for a blank state app. This is really unacceptable for me if I were to do a full development from scratch (I am the type of person who likes to modify few lines of code at a time and refresh to see the result).

    So is there any way to minimize this slow startup time for development?

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    App reloading time with development isn't a good test as production versions of your app will be minified and optimized and will not have to use the loader to load classes. Only production version will give you a sense of how your app will perform.
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