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Thread: Data Submit Problem in Tabbed Form

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    Default Data Submit Problem in Tabbed Form

    I have used Tab panel to build form. All the tabs have fields with value filled in. By default first tab gets the focus. At bottom I have save button. When I click on “Save” button, data on first tab only gets submitted. I didn’t found field name and its’ values for other four tabs in Request at my PHP Script. If we click on second tab, then it submits the data for first and second tab. So basically, it doesn’t submit the data of tab which doesn’t get focus.

    Can anyone please let me know the how can i submit the data of all tabs at once ?

    On First tab I have First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, Fax Fields
    On Second Tab I have Address1, Address2, City, State, Zip and Country fields
    On Third Tab I have Company Address1, Company Address2, Company City, Company State, Company Zip, Country, Company Phone, Company Fax field.

    Now when I open form in Edit mode, I filled in values in all the fields and First Tab got the default focus. Without doing anything, When I click on submit button, I can find only First Tabs' fields and values in Request object in my PHP Script.

    If I click on Second Tab and submit the data then In request object I can find values of the first and secod tab in my php script.

    That means, If I submit the form, In request I can find only data of those fields which is inside the tab, which got focus at least one time before submitting data.

    Is there anything, through which I can submit the data of all fields in all tabs without moving focus on tab panel ?
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