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Thread: Sencha touch chart interactions not working in sencha touch 2.3.1

    Looks like we cannot reproduce this. Please provide another test case to reproduce this issue.
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    Default Sencha touch chart interactions not working in sencha touch 2.3.1


    We have a simple chart which has an interaction of iteminfo.
    This used to work in 2.3.0 but after upgrading to 2.3.1 the iteminfo stopped working.

    interactions: [{
                    type: 'iteminfo',
                    listeners: {
                        show: function(me, item, panel) {
                            panel.setHtml('some html');
    is this a regression?

    what i have observed is the "item" parameter for the show function now gets a html where as before it used to get a Class.

    Any code change required??
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    The item argument is an object like it was in 2.3.0. Here is a test using 2.3.1:

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