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Thread: If localStorage limit is exceeded the relevant item is deleted

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    Default If localStorage limit is exceeded the relevant item is deleted

    While writing to the localStorage the old item is removed first the new value is inserted back as a new item with same name. It's written in the source code that this behaviour is to fix some bug about iPad. However this makes the exception handling useless bec. the data is already gone as the exception is thrown...
    Setting the value in a variable first and recovering it might be a solution. It'll occupy some memory for a short time but I don't think it would be a problem... i.e.

    var oldItem = obj.getItem(key);
    try {
        obj.setItem(key, Ext.encode(data));
    } catch(e){
        obj.setItem(key, oldData);
        this.fireEvent('exception', this, e);
    delete oldItem; // might be inside "finally"

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