I've been searching for a proper answer but didn't find any.

I'm using sencha touch 2.3.1 and cordova 3.4.0.
I'm trying to deploy my app for a Windows 8 phone.My app works fine in android and IOS. It works in all the browsers through IIS.
I have the SDK set up (Visual Studio Express) in windows and it runs properly and Cordova will build the standard app that runs on the phone emulator to run the 'cordova is ready screen'.

However when I exchange the content in the www directory for the files/folders that my sencha project creates, the app fails to launch properly (shows the splash screen and then blank).

I've included cordova.js script file in the index.html.
There are no apparent errors showing in the console of the sdk.

It's possible that I'm not doing something else which I'm supposed to do to make it work.
I believe all the views and other css files I created in my app is not accessed.

Please let me know what to do to make the app work in Windows phone.