I am constructing a form using HTML and then applying the javascript to it. (although, this problem also happens ramdomlly in another application where the form is constructed using Extjs)

In the submit i have something like:

if (form_prof.isValid()) {
	 		nome: prof_nome.getValue(),
			sexo: prof_sexo.getValue(),
			BI: prof_BI.getValue(),
	 		dataNasc: prof_data_nasc.getValue(),
			tel: prof_tel.getValue(),
			morada: prof_morada.getValue(),
			codigo_postal: prof_codigo_postalA.getValue()+"-"+prof_codigo_postalB.getValue(),
			localidade: prof_localidade.getValue(),
			mail: prof_mail.getValue(),
			IVA: prof_IVA.getValue(),
			IRS: prof_IRS.getValue(),
			numero_cap: prof_numero_cap.getValue(),
			curriculum_vitae: prof_curriculo.getValue(),
			_1_1: MDom.getValue(),
			_1_2: MSeg.getValue(),
			_1_3: MTer.getValue(),
			_1_4: MQua.getValue(),
			_1_5: MQui.getValue(),
			_1_6: MSex.getValue(),
			_1_7: MSab.getValue(),
			_2_1: TDom.getValue(),
			_2_2: TSeg.getValue(),
			_2_3: TTer.getValue(),
			_2_4: TQua.getValue(),
			_2_5: TQui.getValue(),
			_2_6: TSex.getValue(),
			_2_7: TSab.getValue(),
			_3_1: PDom.getValue(),
			_3_2: PSeg.getValue(),
			_3_3: PTer.getValue(),
			_3_4: PQua.getValue(),
			_3_5: PQui.getValue(),
			_3_6: PSex.getValue(),
			_3_7: PSab.getValue(),
			formacoes: jsondata
		failure: function(form, action) {
			Ext.MessageBox.alert('Erro', action.result.msg);
		success: function(form, action) {
			Ext.MessageBox.alert('Mensagem', action.result.msg);
	Ext.Msg.alert('Erros', 'Verifique todas as caixas marcadas.');
All the items exist, but when i see in Firebug, the POST is being sent empty.
I have used the PHP print_r($_POST) command and the array is empty.

Does anyone have any idea of what is happening ?
I'm really lost on this...