Does anyone know the best way to go about integrating GeoExt 2.0 into Sencha Architect 3?
It seems like it is possible but there is not a very clear way to do it based on some of the documentation I have looked at.
A forum post here(GeoExt Inside Sencha Architect) on Sencha's forums mentions adding GeoExt as an external resource then instantianting classes inside Sencha architect from the resource. I followed the links in the post and it takes you Sencha's user guide for using resources.
Based on this information here I should be able to do the following.
  • Add GeoExt Map Panel as a resource
  • Place a panel in my view
  • Set the extend property on the panel I just placed to be GeoExtMapPanel.
However, I am not finding an extend property.
The other option I have looked into is possibly creating Architect Extension definitions for GeoExt components that I want to use. This option does seem more involved. There is a guide on creating a user extension here(Creating an Architect Extension).