I have an editor grid whose values am sending over to the server using hidden fields which are added to the form on form submit. I am able to retrieve the values on the server the first time. However, if I make any changes to the hidden field's value after a form is submitted and then again try to submit the form the latest values are not retrieved. The code I am using to set the value in the form is below : store.commitChanges(); hiddenField = new HiddenField(); int i=0; ArrayList records = (ArrayList) store.getModels(); for(DmThunderheadConfigData d:records) { thunderheadHiddenFieldsAssetClass = new HiddenField(); i++; thunderheadHiddenFieldsAssetClass.setName("assetClass"+i); thunderheadHiddenFieldsAssetClass.setValue(d.getAssetClass()); form2.add(thunderheadHiddenFieldsAssetClass); doLayout(true); } form2.setVisible(true); form2.enable(); form2.enableEvents(true); form2.setAction(action.getUrl()); form2.setEncoding(Encoding.URLENCODED); form2.setMethod(FormPanel.Method.POST); doLayout(true); form2.submit();