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Thread: Cmd-built app not working on mobile browser (Safari or Chrome)

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    Default Cmd-built app not working on mobile browser (Safari or Chrome)


    I am working with ST2.3.1 and Cmd 4. My app builds and runs fine on my desktop browser but does not launch on a browser on my mobile device. The loading dots with blue background shows up and then just hangs.

    I tried this with a testing build on an iPhone 4S with Safari and Chrome, with similar results. So I pulled up the app in Safari, and opened Safari Web Inspector to see what's going on, and I cannot see anything unusual in the index.html. I have taken a screenshot and attached it below. The fact that the loading dots show up and the index.html loads means that I dont have a problem accessing the webserver.

    Any ideas why the app may not be launching? Should I expect a testing build from cmd to work just the same way on a mobile browser as on a desktop, or does that require additional setup/configuration? My build settings are otherwise unchanged and use default settings mostly. Could this be a Mac OS X firewall problem? It's running on default factory settings.

    Thanks in advance!

    San Jose, CA

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    Run the dev version of your app from the desktop browser and check the console for any warnings or errors. What is your app trying to do initially before the first view appear? Have you tried setting debugger statements in your code to figure out where it is breaking.
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