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Thread: Failed to load resource sencha microloader

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    Default Failed to load resource sencha microloader

    I have uploaded my sencha project to my server.I am just loading an external HTML file in my app. I am getting this error on running the app

    GET http://myserverurl/sencha/knolV/.sencha/app/microloader/development.js 403 (Forbidden)It works when i run it using Cordova on Android but its not working when i uploaded it on the server. I have changed the permissions of the complete app to 777 also.
    The code that i am using for loading the HTML page

    Ext.define('MyApp.view.MyPanel', {extend: 'Ext.Panel',config: { id: 'MyPanel', itemId: 'MyPanel', scrollable: true, listeners: [ { fn: 'onMyPanelActivate', event: 'activate' } ]}, onMyPanelActivate: function(newActiveItem, container, oldActiveItem, eOpts) { Ext.Ajax.request({ //local path of your html file url: 'http://some-link/story.html', success : function(response) { Ext.getCmp('MyPanel').setHtml(response.responseText); }, failure : function(response) { var text = response.responseText; Ext.Msg.alert('Error', text, Ext.emptyFn); } });}});

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    Can you clarify what was uploaded to your webserver? Your entire application folder or a build. Are you running the web server that came with Sencha Cmd? If so from what folder did you run the 'sencha web start' command? What is the exact command did you use?
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