I have custom CSS resources that I am using to theme my Ext JS project, but there are a few components being overwritten by the default ext-gray theme. I am using Sencha Architect 3 to build my project, and I was wondering if it was possible to prevent the default theme below from being included during the build process.


I would like to stop the gray theme from being imported, but Architect does not allow me to have a blank value for the 'theme' config, and the bootstrap.js file is auto-generated with the following line:
/* generated file */
@import 'ext/packages/ext-theme-gray/build/resources/ext-theme-gray-all-rtl.css'
When I comment out the above line, the conflicts are remove, and my app renders correctly. However, as I said above, this line is regenerated every time I save or build my project in Architect. Any suggestions to get around this issue?