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Thread: GXT3.1: ContentPanel has wrong height

    Success! Looks like we've fixed this one. According to our records the fix was applied for EXTGWT-3740 in 3.1.3.
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    Default GXT3.1: ContentPanel has wrong height

    Required Information

    Version(s) of Ext GWT
    GXT 3.1

    Browser versions and OS
    FireFox 24.5.0 ESR on Win7 Enterprise, SP1, 64Bit

    Virtual Machine

    ContentPanel has a serious Problem calculating its own height. It seems like it doesn't take its Header into consideration. Hence, all its height goes to its contentArea (i.e. child). Then the header jumps in, takes another 22px and ContentPanel is 22px larger than it should be.

    But this only happens if ContentPanel gets size set with exactly the values it gets later told by its parent. If the height differs, there is a recalculation correctly done.

    I think the first setting of height is to blame: it acts like heigth has been set. Therefore setting the same height later is a no-op. But height wasn't calculated correctly. Maybe because ContentPanel is not shown yet.

    See example below.

    Run mode
    development mode

    Steps to reproduce the problem
    1. Start example in development mode in Eclipse
    2. Open app in browser
    3. Click the "click me!"

    Expected result
    "left2" is 200x500
    (Or 200x499, since 1px gets consumed by HorizontalLayoutContainer somehow)

    Actual result
    "left2" is 200x522 (or 200x521, see above) and covers partly the "click me".
    "left2" is larger than its parent. How is this possible?

    Test case
            HorizontalLayoutContainer hlc = new HorizontalLayoutContainer();
            ContentPanel left = new ContentPanel();
            left.setHeadingText("left is 200x500. fine.");
            left.add(new Label("left content"));
            ContentPanel right = new ContentPanel();
            right.add(new Label("right content"));
            right.addButton(new TextButton("right Button"));
            hlc.add(left, new HorizontalLayoutData(200, 1));
            hlc.add(right, new HorizontalLayoutData(1, 1));
            final HorizontalLayoutContainer hlc2 = new HorizontalLayoutContainer();
            ContentPanel left2 = new ContentPanel();
            left2.setHeadingText("left2 should be 200x500");
            left2.add(new Label("left2 content"));
            left2.setPixelSize(200, 500);    // EVIL!
            ContentPanel right2 = new ContentPanel();
            right2.add(new Label("right2 content"));
            right2.addButton(new TextButton("right2 Button"));
            hlc2.add(left2, new HorizontalLayoutData(200, 1));
            hlc2.add(right2, new HorizontalLayoutData(1, 1));
            final CardLayoutContainer clc = new CardLayoutContainer();
            clc.setPixelSize(500, 500);
            Label lbl = new Label(" -- -- -- --- - -- -- -- --- -- ---- --- -- click me!  ----  ---- ----- ------ ----- ------ ");
            lbl.addClickHandler(new ClickHandler() {
                public void onClick(ClickEvent event) {
    Helpful Information

    Debugging already done
    setActiveWidget leads to a doLayout() / forceLayout() of ContentPanel. In this context there is a resizing of ContentPanel. But since the new size is the old one, no resizing happens. Thats bad, cause Header hasn't been taken into consideration yet and never will.

    You should try
    1. Example without the "left2.setPixelSize(200, 500); // EVIL!" line
    2. Example with different size at Evil line like "left2.setPixelSize(234, 567); // EVIL!"

    In both cases "left2" has the correct size of 200x500!

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    Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.

    From the looks of it, when the child pixel width value is the same as the parent it won't use the parents value and causes the height to grow. I noticed that any other value than 200 for width causes it to work fine.

    left2.setPixelSize(200, 500); // only happens when its 200. If 200 changed to < 200 or > 200 it works fine

    left2.setPixelSize(1, 500); works fine

    Sending off to engineering for investigation.


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