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    Default Answered: Which Class Structure to follow in Extjs5 - Help Needed.

    Hi Team,
    I am planning to migrate my application from extjs 4 to 5. This is the way I have structured my Models, view and controller.
    However, as per the extjs 5 documentation, it recommends using the following structure..

    My question is which structure shall I follow. Can I keep my old structure of code in place with Ext JS 5 or I will have to have these files. Main.js, MainController.js, MainModel.js. I did not have these files with ExtJs4.

    Appreciate your input and thanks in advance.
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  2. MVC that was in Ext 4 will work the same in Ext 5 so if you don't want to use view controllers then you don't have to, you can stick with global controllers.

    It's not going to be as easy as just replacing Ext, there are some changes. Most are documented in the upgrade guide but you should expect some changes going from one major version to another but we have tried hard to make the changes small.

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