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Thread: Sencha Cmd 5.0 issue - urgent, please help!

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    Default Sencha Cmd 5.0 issue - urgent, please help!

    I have an issue and it is affecting my soon to be production deployment. Suddenly

    $ stopped working

    I upgraded to Sencha Cmd 5 and touch 2.3.1 now $ does not evaluate to anything after a production build. It works fine locally. It gives me

    TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating '$')

    I changed all my redirectTo's to fireEvents in my controllers but it seems it is complaining about the touch code now. Do you have any idea where the app name gets set in the production build?


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    I would not recommend using Sencha Cmd 5 with Sencha Touch projects at this time. You should downgrade to Sencha Cmd
    You can force a reinstall of by issuing the following command in the terminal:
    sencha upgrade -f version=
    Then run the following command from your application root folder.
    sencha app upgrade --noframework
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