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Thread: MessageBox gets broken in production build

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    Default MessageBox gets broken in production build


    I've been looking for a similar problem submitted, no applicable solution found...

    When building for development, everything looks ok.
    When building for production, though, I can see some weird behavior:
    - the loads mask, but the MessageBox is not shown - thus UI gets blocked. Looking into the DOM, I can see the the MessageBox window generated, but having additional class .x-hide-offsets, and positioned at -10000px
    - the "loading" masks on grids don't get turned off after the grid is successfully populated with (REST) store data...

    Chrome on OS X: 35.0.1916.153
    Sencha Cmd:

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    I have not seen this issue at all. Are there any errors being thrown?
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    Default Can't build a production version with MessageBox??

    I get the same error with Sencha Touch 2.3.1. When building for production the MessageBox simply greys out the screen, shows a single line and locks the app. Can someone from Sencha please fix.

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