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Thread: SA empties resource files when a project is opened over a network share and saved

    Looks like we cannot reproduce this. Please provide another test case to reproduce this issue.
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    Default SA empties resource files when a project is opened over a network share and saved

    Because SA runs glacially slowly on Windows 8 (my main machine) I've been obliged to use a second machine running Windows 7 which is dedicated to SA. Because the main machine is where everything else exists (source control, the main C# project, it's backed up, etc.) I'm leaving the project itself on the Windows 8 machine. I access the project from Window 7 via a standard share. SA opens it fine and it works OK except that SA will empty any resource files if they are touched when the project is saved.

    SA does not appear to read the resource files when viewed in the context of the resources node of the project inspector and the corresponding resource window is empty so while it's surprising the file is not read as a resource, it's not surprising the file is then written back empty. If the project is opened on the Windows 8 machine the resources appear correctly.

    I'm told by miro.bojic in this Q&A post that "Architect can have problems with the files across Windows networks"

    My bewilderment at the comment made is compounded because, as stated in the post, SA *does* read the very same files across the network when in, say, design mode. At this time the design is rendered with the correct styling. It appears the resources files are only not read in the context of the resource node of the project inspector but the 'unread' and empty files written back all too successfully.

    Anyway, seems worth reporting.

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    You are correct, we have issues with network shares. Did you try to map the share to a drive?

    You'll notice that if you try to save a project to a network share/SMB path that we do not allow it.

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