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Thread: app.json indexHtmlPath parameter not being recognised in V5

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    Default app.json indexHtmlPath parameter not being recognised in V5

    I've just upgraded from Sencha Cmd to version
    After running "sencha app upgrade" I've found that the parameter I have to set the front HTML document in my app.json file is no longer respected.

    I have this:

         * The file path to this application's front HTML document, relative to this app.json file
        "indexHtmlPath": "TouchDefault.aspx",
    which previously gave the output:

    [INF] Building output markup to C:\CleanProgs\FrontEnd\WorkspaceHIDE/build/production/Wita/TouchDefault.aspx

    but which after the upgrade just ignores this and produces the default index.html:

    [INF] Building output markup to C:\CleanProgs\FrontEnd\WorkspaceHIDE/build/production/Wita/index.html

    Is there a new way to specify what the front document is called?

    [EDIT] I've just actually found that the build process has actually taken my TouchDefault.aspx file and written it to the build directory, its just it has now named it index.html

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    You need to set the path in the output object:
    "output": {
        "base": "${}/${build.environment}/${}",
        "page": {
            "path": "TouchDefault.aspx",
            "enable": true
        "microloader": {
            "path": "microloader.js",
            "embed": false,
            "enable": true
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