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    I think that part of the change of the new site should be more of a community feel. Personally, I only check 1 forum at a time, maybe 2. Currently it's this forum, I had a technical question about SSL and https and the topic was deleted because for some reason it wasn't deemed "Development" even though it was development for my personal site. I'd like to see more community-based forums in the new system, so there's a place for questions that aren't related strictly to EXT.

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    Questions occasionally get moved to the Help forum when they're considered not appropriate for a given forum. Posts don't get deleted unless they're pretty blatant - way off topic and/or spam. While there has been discussion of another forum for more general (not Ext) discussions, it probably won't happen until the site migration occurs. In the meantime, this forum's intent was dev discussion with regard to Ext in a more technical (maybe architectural) direction.

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