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Thread: cls overriden by expander arrow hover in treePanel

    Thank you for reporting this bug. We will make it our priority to review this report.
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    Default cls overriden by expander arrow hover in treePanel

    There is an issue with hovering tree row expander arrow (overrides the 'cls' set programatically).

    This happens only if the row is expanded manually (so expanded: false) and with the cls set by code after manually expand the row....

    I suspect that something caches the default clases before expand, and reaplies them on arrow hover or something...

    There's a fiddle prepared bellow.

    Steps to reproduce:

    • expand a folder in tree panel;
    • set('cls') with custom method (highlight for example);
    • hover the mouse over the expander arrow of that node

    What happens:

    • the custom 'cls' is removed (node not highlighted anymore)
    • pressing again the button, the row doesn't get highlighted anymore...

    What was expected:

    • to remain highlighted

    Razvan Ioan ANASTASESCU
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    Thank you for the wonderful test case!

    I tested against our Ext JS 5.0.x nightlies and it appears the issue has been resolved. The fixed version should be available in Ext JS 5.0.2.


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