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    Default Itemselector with multiple columns

    I need something like the Itemselector widget (second example in the below page)

    The one additional thing that I need for this ItemSelector is the ability to show multiple columns in both 'Available' List as well as the 'Selected' list.

    My use case is something like this. In the available list I need to show users within the organization. Some of these users will then be selected and added to the selected list.

    If I just show the username in the list then that may not be enough as there could be multiple users with similar names. So I need to supplement the username with additional information like department, email, phone number etc., so that user can be easily identified.

    Does any such widget already exist? If not, is it feasible to extend the Item Selector widget to achieve this?

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    The itemselector uses a multiselect ux internally, but doesn't allow for a config for it to be passed in. If you want to change that you'll have to override the createList method. The boundlist doesn't allow for columns, but you could pass a custom itemTpl to it to create a more complex item view. For that you'll use the multiselect's private listConfig config which will let you pass in the tpl config:

    Bottom line will be that you'll have a bit of overriding to do to modify the widget from the way it is out of the box.

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