A couple of years ago, I bought "Sencha Complete" when EXTJS4 was released. I was waiting indefinitely to some bug fixes, because 4.2.1(2?) had serious problems. The bug fixes never came. I had to stop development for other reasons, but then came back to my work, using ExtJS. No bug fixes for 4.2.1, so, impressed by newer features of EXTJS 5, I tried to forget about 4 and go directly to rebuild the work I had done.Now, contacting Sencha, I was told either I had to pay for the two consecutive years that I did not paid for the maintenance & support, or go directly to get a new Ext 5 license. Ok. In the few weeks I was trying ExtJS 5, first with the trial version, and then the GPL version (that I discovered is really striped down), I was trying to convince my small company to acquire a new license for 5, while checking Sencha's licensing options weekly, it went from:Single license, with no-support option for about 200~300 bucks, that was ok to me,then, they removed the "no support option", and it went up got $695.When I was almost ready to get the license, now there is only the option for "up to 5 users" , and the price climbed to $3,225.00.As a single developer I felt somehow "betrayed" , because, now I am stuck with "buggy Ext 4.2.2" and locked away from bug fixes, because the 4.2.3 bug fixes are for "support paying people" only.It's hard to not feel like a "Sencha Complete" . Any advice?ThanksSergio Sider