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Thread: Is Sencha ******** single developers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by iamright View Post
    $3k really isn't that much money to a business. To a single person sure, to a business, really not that much.
    Seen from that point of view is correct but remember that the unpaid evangelist are the single developer who tried, use and introduce (even against corporate standards) new frameworks.
    When those developers (I was one of them in Delphi times...) go to their bosses they normally say "OK, lets run a pilot" but if you say "we have to pay 5 licences" surely the pilot never took place because IS AGAINST COMMON SENSE TO PAY FOR 5 LICENSES IF YOU WILL 1 OR 2!

    Quote Originally Posted by iamright View Post
    There is a ton of businesses asking for Ext JS/Sencha Touch development. I turn down work. The work I turn down would easily pay for that cost.
    Please lead me to those businesses!
    UI: Sencha Architect / ExtJS 4 - 6
    Server side: JEE / EJB 3.x / CDI / JPA 2.x/ JAX-RS / JasperReports
    Application Server: WildFly / Weblogic
    Databases: Oracle
    / MySQL / DB2 / Firebird

    If you like my answer please vote!

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    what's the difference between the GPL version and the commercial one? Is it just the license and support, or are there features missing from the GPL version? I'm only making open source applications, so I wouldn't mind using the GPL version if it was on par feature wise. Or should I be looking to another framework?

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    Quote Originally Posted by iamright View Post
    $3k really isn't that much money to a business. To a single person sure, to a business, really not that much. There is a ton of businesses asking for Ext JS/Sencha Touch development. I turn down work. The work I turn down would easily pay for that cost.
    $3225 is not a ton of money for an established business - particularly large enterprise. But 3225 is bare minimum you can spend. Want Complete/Architect? Now your asking almost 5k. Many small businesses and single devs will look elsewhere. That is clear looking at the responses in this thread. And realistically that is going to be an annual cost if you want bug fixes. There have been some pretty bad releases in the past.

    Oh yeah - your clients need a license too. Hope they are ready to shell out some cash.

    Also, I don't really trust you. The entirety of your post history has been in this thread and earlier you claimed to work at a huge healthcare company. Clearly you can't handle much work(especially to cover these license costs) if you are only moonlighting - assuming you are even telling the truth .

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    Nothing $encha does surprises me any more. I switched to laughing (from frustration) about it a few weeks ago when my attempt to get "Support" was rejected because my Sencha "Complete" package apparently only included "Standard Support". Two weeks later my renewal quote arrived for "Standard Support"; I queried this only to be told that everyone on "Standard Support" had been bumped up to "Premium Support" as part of a name change. So, um, someone forgot to tell the people that work in "Support". Duh. I laughed.

    Due to the lack of value I feel I have received from "Support" I also queried if I was able to purchase maintenance without it, as used to be possible. I received a reply just today that these are no longer offered separately. I laughed.

    I had noticed the missing single user licenses a week or so ago but had assumed these were just buried somewhere I couldn't see. Then today I came across this (14 page!) thread. I laughed.

    I lived through the Ext JS 2.x re-licensing debacle and I was really annoyed by that (it was way before I started laughing). I had actually walked away, but came back and purchased a single user Complete license to re-write the UI for a long supported app. One of the issues with the app was the ability to scroll iframe content on an iPad (in fact this was the prime driver for upgrading the UI). The rewrite included a trivial change that made this work under Ext 4.2, but Ext 5.0 was so close that I held off and did extensive work to upgrade to that. Well guess what; the content can no longer be scrolled under Ext 5.0 ( Oh the irony. I laughed.

    I really like Ext JS. This pricing policy change however sucks big time. Part of my conversion over to laughing is my realisation that I now have a complete lack of trust in Sencha, and on this basis I cannot with good conscience use it for any future projects and I cannot recommend it to anyone else.

    This thread is proving to be a great source of information about competing frameworks. Yes, they may all lack the level of sophistication that Ext has, but that will change over time.

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    Default Trees and grids are EVERYWHERE in qooxdoo dot org!

    Quote Originally Posted by westy View Post
    I'm not seeing any grids or trees though.
    Did you even bother to look at the demos? I use grids and trees all over my apps with extjs, and I've now ported my code to qooxdoo dot org in 2 weeks,

    Look here
    Tree example demo:
    demo dot qooxdoo dot org/current/showcase/#Tree

    They call grids tables.... look here at demos

    demo dot qooxdoo dot org/current/showcase/#Table

    For christs sake, they its a FREE open source LGPL comparable system, I just began porting 2 weeks ago, seriously, take a look, obviously since its free I have no 'interest' in this.

    Just a FYI, I don't hide here, my name is my real name, google me, I've written video games etc, I seriously think Sencha does NOT WANT US, single developers are unwanted and expendable, please do check out other options, I'm only showing one I've tested and found to be comparable.
    Can it hurt to look? There is only a cost in minutes no $$$
    Why stay where you are unwanted?

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    $encha has apparently also decided to no longer support the User Extensions in the forum.
    For xtjs 5 there is no subforum "Ext: User Extensions and Plugins"

    it is possible they will add a subforum in the near future
    but at the moment i can't see it coming

    someone else had also already asked but no statement from $encha

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    Well we checked the licenses last year, when our project began. We bought Sencha Complete because it came bundled with touch support and Architect, so we found that a bargain. As we have one frontend developer, we have one license.Then we planned the project (that runs for years) on support for Ext only. We also planned one extra extjs license should that be needed. We took all this information and prices from the Sencha site.Now, according to maintenance:1. We need to buy support on the full bundle.2. Or we need to buy an extra extjs license3. We cannot buy 1 license any more.What's happening there. You ARE killing small businesses. Because when we told the client we would need like $1400 in three years, we did not think it would be more like $3500. For a big company 2000 dollars is not very much. For a small 1.5 person company it means going on a summer vacation or not, so thanks!

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    Default Let's buy it together

    Hi fellow small business owners,

    As you know Sencha stopped loving us. The are trying to kill us buy expecting us to buy 5 ExtJs licenses each for single developer companies.

    Why not buy the five licenses together. Heck, why not get a bargain and buy a 50 developers seat together.

    This of course so we can continue to use ExtJs in existing projects while we look for a library that does support starting and small businesses.

    How would we do this? The easiest thing to do is go to Sales together and saying we each need one of five licenses.


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    Default They need money in order to deliver good software

    It's clear for everyone that Sencha needs money to make this framework water proof. I wathced this framework in the last years, but I never used id because it looks unstable, lacks of good examples, messy bloggers.

    With a bigger team of developers, support people they could deliver a better software.

    If we look on, we'll see that jobs start from 90K+ . I think that means that a company could spend about 1500$ for a developer.

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    Does anyone have experience with Kendo UI from Telerik?

    Seems very promising and even a roadmap is available.

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