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Thread: Is Sencha ******** single developers?

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    Default No one here has yet mentioned the fact that Ext JS 5.x isn't even production worthy

    It has yet to be mentioned that Ext 5.x is incredibly buggy, too buggy to be considered for a production release.

    Quote Originally Posted by watermark View Post
    There are still plenty of unfixed bugs even in the nightly (5.0.2 candidate). I'd be disappointed if it released now. Ext5 has many interesting improvements, but it is too broken to consider for any project with a near release date. I'm not even looking for bugs, and I find a couple every week.
    For a general consensus, check out this thread,

    Sencha jacked up the the entry point for their license 10x, from $329 to $3,225 (see image below), for a product that is not yet production ready. Doesnt really follow the old adage that You get what you pay for (just for clarification, I'm referring to the overnight, under the cover of darkness, price hike for a product that obviously needs more time and attention and not the fact that Ext JS, itself, isn't worth whatever they decide to charge for it).

    In light of recent events, I cant help but speculate that Ext JS 5 was pushed/forced out the door simply to make a quick buck. This, coupled with the recent news of Abe Elias departure, leads me to speculate about the current work environment at Sencha. I hope Sencha's management is taking care of their extremely talented developers and not creating an overly stressful environment that leads them to burnout.

    I am very concerned for the well-being of Sencha's development team and also somewhat concerned that Sencha may lose some of their best talent along with their customers, simply because their management is blinded by the almighty dollar.


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    The new FAQ is quite funny.

    If we have a dog that sometimes comes to the office would he need to have a license?
    Yes. Any dog that is in the office, even part time, would need it's own license. The minimum license is a 5 dog license. Our customers demanded a minimum 5 dog license because if the dog has puppies they would immediately be able to code without all the hassle of having to get new licenses.

    What if our dog is a male?
    You still need to buy a 5 dog license.

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    Default Any questions...?

    "We are clearly the ideal technology partner for large enterprises and SMBs that want to design, build, deploy and manage critical business applications from a unified development platform. (Art Landro, when beeing appointed new CEO of Sencha)

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    ... a new VP of marketing was just added to the team.

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    I love this sentence that they are the "ideal sollution ....".

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    Default I second this...

    Its tough to purchase a single license when it costs $1500...

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    Default so developers will use another framewok

    so developers will migrate to another framework
    if the company thinks that it.s product is ideal - it is better to look for another one

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    Default qooxdoo is as good as extjs and its license is LGPL

    Not better, but just as good....
    qooxdoo dot org/demos

    now have webgl 3d windows rendering in it just like I had in extjs, and they WELCOME single developers

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    As a side note, I am a customer which owns ExtJS 3 & 4 with Architect v1. I was ready to spend the money on Sencha Complete, but instead found the issue effecting single developers. Since the cost has created a barrier to the one-of-a-kind framework I have skills in, I am choosing to invest time into projects like the one proposed below. Sencha, this is in contrast to building open source plugins that might enhance and bring value Sencha itself, rather than to only developers by working around the cost.In an effort to discover a method to allow for single developers to continue working and leveraging ExtJS I am posting here to:
    1. Gauge the community interest
    2. Hear interpretations on GNU GPL
    3. Find interested parties and schedule a Google Hangout to meet and discuss.
    4. Consider taking the money you were going to spend on Sencha and consider investing the equivalent of your time in-kind to a project like the one proposed.
    The proposed goal is an isolated open source project in which a (single) developer could leverage the power of ExtJS through the use of a GNU GPL interpreter which accepts JSON data and then interprets that data to produce ExtJS components that we traditionally would have coded by hand.Description: GPL ExtJS Interpreter (Generic, Isolated, Open Source ExtJS browser interpreter)"A GNU GPLv3 JavaScript Interpreter which interprets JSON data and converts it into JavaScript Object Literals to then be interpreted by ExtJS library."Role: Take JSON Data and dynamically produce ExtJS content. Proof-of-Concept: Pending... (This would leverage similar business logic as one would use for configuring grids/models dynamically see Home: Server Side JSONRole: Example server(s) which produce JSON data to be consumed by the interpreter, which can be licensed in any way. I am a Ruby/JRuby developer, so initial server examples would be in this realm.Project Home:"When the interpreter just interprets a language, the answer is no. The interpreted program, to the interpreter, is just data; a free software license like the GPL, based on copyright law, cannot limit what data you use the interpreter on. You can run it on any data (interpreted program), any way you like, and there are no requirements about licensing that data to anyone."The architecture of the interpreter may also be seen as a SYSTEM LIBRARY given how a browser client (IE, Chrome, Firefox) is the system in which JavaScript code is executed.To even further protect the data from GPL infecting your proprietary code, you can review the differences between the GNU GPL vs GNU AGPL (Alfresco) as it relates to SaaS (server-side) code.
    Last edited by CasualNetworks; 10 Nov 2014 at 3:11 PM. Reason: Added #4 and reason why I feel forced to pursue a project of this nature

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    Quote Originally Posted by CasualNetworks View Post
    The proposed goal is an isolated open source project in which a (single) developer could leverage the power of ExtJS through the use of a GNU GPL interpreter which accepts JSON data and then interprets that data to produce ExtJS components that we traditionally would have coded by hand.
    I have to admit that I have no idea what you're actually proposing.

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