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Thread: Where can I find the complete specification for CMD 5.0.3 app.json config parameters?

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    Default Where can I find the complete specification for CMD 5.0.3 app.json config parameters?

    I'm struggling trying to figure out how to configure the output configuration object in app.json.

    Is there a doc somewhere that explains what all the supported config parameters are and what they mean?

    "base": "${}/${build.environment}/${}",
    "page": { // generate production loader page - other option is
    "path": "..\..\..\..\..\Portal.aspx",
    "enable": true
    "manifest": { //
    "name": "bootstrap.js",
    "embed": true
    "microloader": {
    "path": "microloader.js",
    "embed": false,
    "enable": false

    Specifically I'm trying to setup my application so I can compile against multiple themes (desktop, tablet etc) and I want to have ONE Portal.aspx page in the root of my website load the appropriate theme (build) dynamically based on the client platform/browser.

    From what I gather I need multiple builds of the app, each generated in a subfolder within root/myapp/build/build{x}
    Each time I do a build my Portal.aspx ("page") gets clobbered by the build. I found sample JS to set the manifest in the portal.aspx (my version of index.html) but it's not clear how I need to configure my app.json to multiple builds.

    Here's the client code sample I foind in the forums.

    <script type="text/javascript">
    var Ext = Ext || {};
    Ext.repoDevMode = true;
    Ext.beforeLoad = function(tags){
    var theme = location.href.match(/theme=([\w-]+)/),
    locale = location.href.match(/locale=([\w-]+)/);

    theme = (theme && theme[1]) || (tags.desktop ? 'crisp' : 'crisp-touch');
    locale = (locale && locale[1]) || 'en';

    Ext.manifest = theme + "-" + locale;
    Ext.microloaderTags = tags;

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    The microloader guide gets close, though it doesn't walk you through completely setting up the app.json to work with dynamically loaded themes.

    Can you post your app.json file? Can you also post your Portal.aspx page (if that is your 'index' page)?

    *There is a request filed internally to improve the microloader guide to offer this information as well as a guide that walks through the options available in app.json. In the meantime, the closest we have is the comments found in {appFolder}/.sencha/app/app.defaults.json

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