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Thread: Architect Not Saving app.js

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    Default Architect Not Saving app.js

    Working on my first 'proper' project in Architect. (Windows 8.1 / Architect / Sencha Touch 2.4.x), Going ok with a few views, models etc. everything was working as expected. Now just finished adding initial code for a nested list, when I use Save, I get 'Project Successfully Saved' message but app.js is no longer modified. Stranger still, it's gone back to a new project version of app.js. No requires, or MVC sections. So I can run start the app in a browser but nothing runs because most of the action is kicked off in the launch function of a controller that is no longer listed in app.js.

    Previous to this happening I had changed the class name of a store, and got a console error looking for the file for the previous name of the model which no longer existed. I changed the model name by hand in app.js just to see if it would run. It did, but after that when I saved the project, the model name changed back to the old one in app.js. Then, without making other changes, this new issue happened with app.js being empty except for what you get when you start a project.

    It feels like somehow the project has become corrupted, but with no error information not sure what else to post to help anyone who may have an idea what's going on.
    Thanks for any help

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    That is very strange indeed. As you said without more information it's pretty tough for us to debug.

    Can you send us a copy of your project (as an archive .xda)? You can send it privately to us at at Please also include a link to this thread.
    Aaron Conran

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    We currently have the same issue. Changes made to controller code &c. in Architect 3.1 are not saved in the JS files. The metadata files update, but the actual files do not. Re-opening Architect shows changed code, but the actual JS files do not have updated code in them. Our project is corrupted and unusable now, for some unexplained reason.

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