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Thread: Exjts - Creating store from provider.rows

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    Default Exjts - Creating store from provider.rows

    i'm exploding and angry for Extjs.
    I want create a dynamic store from provider.rows response (data as json with field and fieldvalue) for comparing with form for detect change without using this damned "isDirty()" i hate it and i don't want use it! Please take to me an alternative.

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    Hi c.capannini,

    Sorry to hear you are frustrated, are you new to ExtJS? It does have a steep learning curve.
    Really hard to understand what your problem is when you dont post any code and your description of the issue is not clear.

    Also the version of ExtJS you are using makes a big difference to any help that can be given.
    So please:

    1/. Clarify the issue you are having by clearly stating what you are trying to do
    2/. Post your code
    3/. Tell us what version of ExtJS you are using

    Regards suzuki1100nz

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