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    Hi guys,

    I am using Sencha CMD and Sencha Touch 2.4.0.

    Steps I did:

    1. sencha -sdk /senchapath generate app MyApp MyApp
    2. cd MyApp
    3. sencha cordova init com.test.MyApp

    After Step 3, no was generated.

    I opened app.json and uncommented the platforms
    "platforms": "wp8 android",

    I copied the file from other project to MyApp and changed the the platforms=android
    also did the
    Step 4. sencha ant cordova-sencha-prepare

    and I got another error

    Target "cordova-sencha-prepare" does not exist in the project

    I do have android and wp8 environments set up in my system.

    Please help.

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    Default re

    Since Sencha CMD 5.X, the package.json and are not required anymore.

    I created my app by following this article:

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