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Thread: Creating a custom theme and use sencha watch on it

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    Default Creating a custom theme and use sencha watch on it


    I'm trying to build a custom theme for my app.
    I've created a folder called myThemeName under the resources folder.
    Inside of it I've created four folders:
    • css
    • fonts
    • images
    • sass
    I've put my sass file into the sass folder along with its config.rb

    Now, I would like to make the sencha watch command to "watch" for the changes of my sass file and build the css file, because it only keeps watching the app.sass file into the resources/sass folder.

    I've included the myThemeName/css folder in my app.json file in order to use it as a theme.

    How can I tell to sencha watch to also watch my myThemeName/sass folder? Is this possible?

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    This is only possible if you use compass watch directly. The best approach would be to build your theme using the existing sass directory as that is montored by sencha app watch.
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