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Thread: Using Draw component of Sencha Touch Complete

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    Question Using Draw component of Sencha Touch Complete

    I'm trying to create a drawing panel in an app I've created. Something similar to the Kitchen Sink Touch Paint demo.

    I've downloaded the Sencha Touch Complete 2.4.1 package from but I'm not sure where I should put the additional files so that Architect can use them. I'm guessing it's here somewhere:


    Is that right? If I create a new 2.4.1 folder will Architect use that?
    What do I need to change in Architect so that it uses the Complete touch framework?
    For my existing project do I need to copy the draw & chart js components to:


    Also, something I don't understand is how to create listeners for the drag, touchstart and dragend events seen here. Architect only lets me register tap.

    Oh, and how would I create an xclass in Architect? e.g.

    Ext.define('Kitchensink.view.FreeDraw', {
        extend: 'Ext.Panel',
        requires: ['Kitchensink.view.FreeDrawComponent'],
        lastEvent: 0,
        config: {
            cls: 'card1',
            layout: 'fit',
            items: [
                    xtype: 'toolbar',
                    docked: 'top',
                    items: [
                            text: 'Clear',
                            handler: function () {
                                var draw = Ext.getCmp('free-paint');
                    xclass: 'Kitchensink.view.FreeDrawComponent',
                    id: 'free-paint'

    Would appreciate any help on this

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    Okay, well I'm definitely doing something right as I've managed to recreate this fiddle - - in my app.

    This is where I'm finding Architect a little frustrating. Adding the code from that fiddle to a button event was fairly trivial, but how would I go about doing this "properly" in Architect?

    Architect will create the code for you when you drag and drop the right components, but it's not always intuitive how you make architect do that!

    Anyway, I still don't really have an answer to my original questions which was where am I supposed to put the Sencha Touch Complete 2.4.1 framework?

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