We are currently restructuring an application in sencha architect and noticed that a "name" field in the metadata contains old names - this is not visible in architect but in the raw data.

Also we noticed that in some cases the class copy (with a number attached to the class name) remains in the meta data directory -

==> copy operation (inside sencha architect)
==> rename to "othername" operation (inside sencha architect)
==> rename also the viewcontroller and view model (not sure if this is sometimes automatically)
othername (can be found in metadata directory)

In some cases the exampleview2 files remain in meta data directory.

This can be very confusing during restructuring, and we also noticed then the confusing "name" field which holds the old name:

here you can see the new name is "SetKaufpreisDaten..." but somehow the old name "ArtikelMietpreis.." is mentioned in the metadata file.

    "type": "Ext.app.ViewController",
    "reference": {
        "name": "items",
        "type": "array"
    "codeClass": null,
    "userConfig": {
        "designer|userAlias": "setkaufpreisdaten",
        "designer|userClassName": "SetKaufpreisDatenViewController"
    "name": "ArtikelMietpreisDatenViewController2",
    "designerId": "5ea096fd-5f77-48bd-838a-e6ae865bb171"
We also had the case where after renaming the references to the new file were not correctly updated, luckily we could simple revert the change in our version control system and do the renaming again.

Here a picture showing classes that remain unused after renaming:
Andres-MacBook-Pro:view andrebaresel$ find . |xargs  grep ArtikelMietpreisDatenViewModel1
grep: .: Is a directory
./article.ArtikelVerkaufpreisDatenViewModel:    "name": "ArtikelMietpreisDatenViewModel1",
./ArtikelMietpreisDatenViewModel1:        "designer|userClassName": "ArtikelMietpreisDatenViewModel1"
./ArtikelMietpreisDatenViewModel1:    "name": "ArtikelMietpreisDatenViewModel1",
Andres-MacBook-Pro:view andrebaresel$
Refactoring inside sencha architect is risky at the moment and all changes need to be double checked in the file system. Please make this more stable.

Sencha Architect


channel: 3.1-stable



framework: Ext JS 5.0.x