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Thread: Grid allowDeselect deselects on key left and right

    Looks like we cannot reproduce this. Please provide another test case to reproduce this issue.
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    Default Grid allowDeselect deselects on key left and right

    When `allowDeselect` is set to true.
    Navigating in the grid with the left and right key selects/deselects the grid.

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    Likely you are selecting the row while you are navigating your grid. If so, it is expected behavior to toggle the checkbox. Perhaps you could make use of the checkOnly config?

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    Hello! What about this:
    Just changed it to rowModel instead of checkbox, and set allowDeselect.

    Check it out against 6.0.1. If you press left/right on the same row, all looks good. Once it wraps to the next row, it simply keeps moving on without selecting the current row!

    As for 5.x, look at the funny behavior of select + deselect + select + deselect as you side walk.

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