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    I'm currently evaluate a migration to web desktop application,

    It looks great, and functionalities are very powerful,

    But the beauty of internet comes from the possibility of cross links,

    How can I provide links to web desktop elements?

    If I want to implement RSS, email notification, or others embedded links...

    Thanks for your advice,
    And thanks for this incredible library,

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    You probably wouldn't be able to link directly to the elements themselves, depending on how you structure your application. The elements might not even make sense out of the context of the desktop. But what you can do is use the querystring in the URL to include some information that your Javascript file can access and show whatever is appropriate. You can add querystring parameters that say which elements to show or what to do with them. The property contains the URL querystring starting with the question mark. You can split that up on the ampersand character and then split each of the elements up on an equal sign to get a list of the key/value pairs.

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