I'm using ExtJS 5.1.0, and i'm trying to configure a docked toolbar that on 'tall' stays with layout: 'vbox', and on 'wide' stays with layout: 'hbox'.

I made the next example to ilustrate my problem: https://fiddle.sencha.com/#fiddle/k0n

If set the size of the window for a 'wide' size, or 'tail' size and then play the fiddle, the layout is successfully applyed. BUT, when you resize it again for a layout change throught the 'responsive' plugin, extjs crashes with:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'dom' of undefinedext-all-debug.js:73787 Ext.define.moveItemext-all-debug.js:73734 Ext.define.renderItemsext-all-debug.js:74177 Ext.define.renderChildrenext-all-debug.js:141953 Ext.define.invalidateext-all-debug.js:141948 Ext.define.invalidateext-all-debug.js:141804 Ext.define.flushInvalidatesext-all-debug.js:142236 Ext.define.runext-all-debug.js:38050 Ext.define.statics.flushLayoutsext-all-debug.js:38057 Ext.define.statics.resumeLayoutsext-all-debug.js:41209 Ext.resumeLayoutsext-all-debug.js:71390 privates.statics.notifyext-all-debug.js:71401 privates.statics.onTimerext-all-debug.js:4363 Ext.Function.fireHandlers

So, this is a bug? or what am i doing bad? If it is not a bug, then sorry for posting it here.

Best regards,