Hello all,

I have been using Sencha Architect for a while now and constructed an application, which needs a lot of small views with their respective ViewModels containing some small (similar, but not identical) stores.
After constructing the first of these views with its store in the ViewModel, I used to construct the next view like the following:

1.) Create a new view (corresponding new ViewModel and ViewController are automatically created by Sencha Architect and shown in the Project Inspector Window)
2.) Switch to the first view already having a store in its ViewModel in Project Inspector
3.) Duplicate the store using "Duplicate" from the context menu
4.) Drag the newly created store instance (the copy) out of the old ViewModel with the mouse
5.) When moving the mouse (while still dragging the store instance) onto the newly created view in the Project Inspector, the View and its ViewModel are showed on the right-hand side of the Project Inspector.
6.) Drop the store instance in the ViewModel of the new view on the right-hand side of the Property inspector.
7.) Make modifications to the store.

However, in the newest version of Sencha Architect (3.2), the steps 5 and 6 don't work anymore. Does anyone have an idea how to copy a store from one ViewModel to the other in Sencha Architect 3.2 without using that functionality?
Otherwise I would have to create a similar store from new every time, which is very cumbersome.
Thank you in advance for any help!

Best regards,