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Thread: Add chart/progress bar in (sencha) touch grid

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    Default Add chart/progress bar in (sencha) touch grid

    Hi Team,
    I'm developing an simple mobile app using Sencha Touch that displays values (from REST service) in touch grid but the challenge i'm facing as i have to show the chart representation of the value been shown.
    an simple description is there are three column
    1) Stage
    2) Budget Hour
    3) project Budget Utilization -this column is chart representation on values in 'Budget Hour' column
    I have seen many thread in forum and given many tries but couldn't suceed. Request team to guide me in achieving this task.

    I'm not pretty sure if chart needs to be created or even progress bar can be created or not

    Thanks in advance
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    Something like Ext JS's widgetcolumn? I don't think Touch has any of this available out of the box. You might be able to render a bar chart without axes to get it to look like a progress bar. Might eat a lot of resources depending on how many rows of data, and you'd need to be sure to destroy the charts so as not to leak memory.

    There was an extension to create a touch progress bar but not sure if it works in Touch 2.

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    Thank you Gary, I have used Architect to build application, I haven't used any plugins with it could you let me know or give any pointer of how to do this plugin (specified To add some more point I'm using Sencha touch 2.3 and sench architect 3.1.0 build 1943

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