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    Default Maintaining a remote package repository using Sencha Cmd

    I'm trying to understand how to use the proper commands and flow of creating/updating a remote package repository... using Sencha Cmd v5.1.2.52. This is my current flow of updating a package that is used in one of my apps:
    1. (in package dir) make appropriate changes
    2. (in package dir) change package.json version number (if this doesn't get changed, my app won't pick up the changes)
    3. (in package dir) sencha package build
    4. (in workspace that contains package dir/build/<my_package>) sencha package add <my_package>.pkg (adds to local repo)
    5. cp bin/Sencha/Cmd/repo/pkgs/ to remote repo
    6. (in app dir, separate from above workspace) sencha app refresh -packages
    7. (in app dir) sencha app build
    First question... am I doing anything weird? Are there any shortcuts I could take? Second question... is this how others are doing it? I couldn't figure out a good way of doing it from the docs. I found a couple of threads (here and here) with similar issues, but they're about a year old, so I was hoping there'd be an update.

    Step 2 seems strange that I HAVE to update the version number, and step 4 seems strange as well. Ideally, I'd have my package workspace as saved off in SVN, so I'd do a package build, and the package hosting structure would be added to my workspace dir, which is where I basically could do my hosting from SVN... that would cut out steps 4 and 5. I realize a package refresh is necessary in the app that is using it, but having to update the version is something I know I'll forget to do... so is there a way to just do a "hard refresh?"

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    I'm just embarking on this journey.

    I see no replies so I'm assuming the process described is the way to go.

    Any updates? Is this really how it is done?

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