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    I'm a novice in extjs charts. Is it possible to do chart like in screen below using extjs charts and how to do it?


    1) Month/year axis (x-axis) and this axis should have lines between years;
    2) X-axis with labels should be in 0 point (not in bottom of chart);
    3) 2 columns (green and red) in positive and negative sides;
    4) Lines (may be additional series).

    Thank you for answers.

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    Unless someone from Sencha can say otherwise, I think you're going to have a bad time doing this with charts as a novice. This is highly specialized chart design that will require drawing your own sprites on the canvas and extending private parts of charts.
    1. You will have to draw these yourself
    2. I dont know how to do this
    3. This should not be a problem
    4. You may be able to extend line series using a step function and alpha out vertical lines
    To be fair, if you have a charting package in JS that can do these things please share so I can write an Ext wrapper.

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