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Thread: Theming: is there a sass variable cascade reference?

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    Default Theming: is there a sass variable cascade reference?

    Is there an available reference to the inheritance cascade for the sass variables used in the various ext themes? This would be extremely helpful in theming applications as it's often difficult to understand how these variables cascade down to the final output. I've looked but been unable to find anything. I know the theme cascade is shown on the theming page...I'm specifically talking about the sass variable cascade within each theme here, e.g. what are the highest level variables and what to they each directly affect?

    I know that these can be traced back to their origin through dev tools and IDE declaration searching. But in reality if one is making anything more than simple basic color changes that route is extremely inefficient.

    I'm curious if there's a reference the Sencha devs use while creating their own themes internally?

    Does anyone care to share tips they use to make the theming process more efficient?

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    I'm not aware of any resources, other than the links you already shared. Others may have tips and tricks to share; however, when I have a need to modify a theme, I tend use the debug css files a lot to help determine where specific rules are getting applied.


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