Please use the svn repository over at to obtain the latest releases!

Version 0.5
- fixed: fixed an issue where the callbacks for the statechange and error events would not be properly registered with the YoutubePlayer since the Youtube API is suddenly not able to parse stringified method names containing "."
- enhancement: added "flashParams" configuration for setting proper
background color

Version 0.4
- enhancement: Updated player features with V3 of Youtube Chromeless API
(choose resolution)
- fixed: changed url to vendor player Api since old one was broken

Version 0.3RC2

- fixed: (YoutubePlayer.js) call to "getInnerWidth()" and "getInnerHeight()"
replaced with "getWidth()"/"getHeight()" since the component does now extend Ext.FlashComponent
- enhancement: (YoutubePlayer.js) if method "onYoutubePlayerReady" is
already defined in the window-scope, an exception will now be thrown
- enhancement: (YoutubePlayerControl.js) eject button is now disabled by
default and gets enabled if the attached player fires the "ready" event

Version 0.3RC1

Note: API changed in Version 0.3RC1 and does not work with Ext JS < 3.0
Note: Ext.ux.YoutubePlayer now extends Ext.FlashComponent. No third party libraries
are needed anymore.

- enhancements: Component now works with Ext3.0RC1


Hey there,

I needed a mediaplayer for my application and I thought I should share it with the Ext JS community.

The user extension implements the Youtube Chromeless API and uses Ext native components to control the video loading/playback.

It's capable of showing the buffer status and the playback slider let's you jump to any position in the video playback. You'll also be able to mute/unmute the video and set the overall volume.

The player panel derives from hendricd's Ext.ux.MediaPanel and uses a custom implementation of the Ext team's Ext.form.SliderField as found in the ext-2.0.2-example folder.

You can find the project page here:
Please note, that if you use the ux on your server, make sure to obtain a youtube api developer key. You can get the key here:

Have fun using the extension. Feedback appreciated!