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    Question Answered: Sencha IntelliJ plugin configuration


    In our application, we have included ExtJS 6 files as imports. We've not used Sencha CMD.

    When I installed the Sencha plugin in IntelliJ, I get options to create ExtJS specific classes and view packages. But in the code, it complains that the base classes are not found. Say for example or Ext.grid.Panel is not found.

    Here is my folder structure:

    - ext module
    -- index.html (includes ext and app.js)
    -- app.js
    -- ext
    --- ext-all-debug.js
    --- ext-debug.js
    --- theme-classic
    ---- theme-classic-debug.js
    ----- resources (css and images)

    -- app
    --- model / view / store / Application.js


  2. If the Ext JS SDK is not located inside your project, you'll need to add it as a JavaScript library so that the plugin can find and index it.

    Setting that up is similar to You only have to do the first two steps if you are only using one Sencha SDK in your project.

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