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Thread: Is ExtJS dying

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    It's difficult to be so wrong in so few sentences, but you really nailed it. Nicely done.

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    I guess I'm just lucky, I'm using 6.0.0 and 5.0.1 in a couple projects and haven't come across a single blocking bug. A couple minor ones but nothing like I hear some people complain about. In your first quote mentioning Mitchell's statement, did you see his follow up? He went out of his way in that other post that was linked to to say there is no policy set in stone and will not be the same forever. Try not to attack him when he's at least giving some transparency even if you disagree with it. Same this with Chris' statement as yours, I'm just not seeing the volume of bugs you guys are. I have overrides, I have extensions but I don't experience what you guys are. I'm not taking a shot at your coding, just I guess your apps are doing things mine are not.

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    there are so many things we can cover up but the sum of it all is that we use sencha at its maximum potential.

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    Default Such a shame to see it dying...

    Hi guys,

    This is just an observation, but the whole Sencha forum is extremely quiet these days. There are literally 1 or 2 views per post over long period of time. Such a shame as it's such a great framework and it's a bit sad to see it dying.

    Even though frameworks such as Ionic 2 are not quite ready yet, it's syntax etc is extremely promising and the framework itself is free. I've been playing with the Alpha of Ionic 2 and the beta of Angular 2 and I can tell already that it will be an amazing framework, and it will be super fast. Much faster I'm sure when the final version comes out than ExtJS. Then you will see ExtJS being left behind completely. Of course there are benefits with Sencha such as supporting older browsers etc but with Microsoft now officially stopping support for older versions of IE and having IE 11 as the default install on Windows 7, I can see fewer and fewer reasons why people would choose Sencha over other cheaper and free alternatives. The widgets are good yes, but just look at the thriving market over at Ionic where users have built their own custom components. There are also many cool ones on Codepen, many of them better than Sencha's (parallax touch scroller that is very fast, hiding toolbars etc). All of these things makes me much more attracted to Ionic than Sencha as the apps look more modern and native, requiring less work than doing it in ExtJS or Sencha Touch.

    My feeling is that the only way Sencha will be able to compete when Angular & Ionic 2 comes out is to adopt a similar pricing model whereby the framework is free but they should charge for services and tooling. Open source it and put it on github like Ionic surely that would make the most sense and there might be real competition between the two.

    Angular 2 is actually really awesome, the forward thinking tech, syntax and web components are amazing and once you spend a few weeks getting your head around I can't see how Sencha will be able to compete with it in terms of speed, future-proof design and cost.

    Sorry to be so negative as I love the Sencha framework as I have invested 3-4 years in it, but I'm gonna have to move on and leave it behind unfortunately.

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    We all know there is something lost in the community.
    The only people that are on deny are Sencha employees

    Yes they are making lots of money off the "enterprise customer" but they forgot that is the litte guy that made this framework popular.

    Just look at how many people are sharing their extensions for Ext 5 and upwards (If they are even making any). The forum just became super boring. Used to come here and find awesome content. People building awesome stuff. Nowadays ? Nothing.

    Of course Sencha should make money. But this model is def a fail.
    Cant understand why they dont see it .

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    Tyladurdan, you'll provoke the AjaxSolutions spam-bot by mentioning "the framework which must never be named" around here... the one with the sharp corners. I hope I haven't said too much myself to awaken the beast!

    What's keeping me with Ext JS is the monolithic nature of the framework/docs, the components (especially the grids!), and Sencha Architect (which could do with some love right now). Most other competing frameworks are just not going to be enough yet, unfortunately. I understand where you're coming from, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marc.fearby View Post
    Tyloadurdan, you'll provoke the AjaxSolutions spam-bot by mentioning "the framework which must never be named" around here... the one with the sharp corners.

    Hilarious... you can mention "the framework which must never be named" as much as you want, just don't fool yourself that it's a competitor to Ext JS.

    Top 8 Reasons Why Enterprises Prefer Sencha Ext JS over Angular

    Google has a reputation for releasing subpar JavaScript frameworks. The early release of the Google Closure API was widely ridiculed as an example of how not to write JavaScript and the superheroic AngularJS library is another failure which is why it's totally redone for the next release in a way which breaks all backward compatibility with the previous release.

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    There's no doubt that Sencha has some problems on the horizon. Whether they can navigate through them remains to be seen. I've posted about this before, but a few major challenges are:
    • There are very few external resources available (books, videos, blog entries, training, etc.).
    • Community activity has slowed drastically. A few years ago, there were many vibrant forum threads, blogs/comment threads, etc. That torrent has slowed to a trickle.
    • Employers looking for Sencha developers are rare, especially compared to the wider JavaScript/web developer job market.
    • The rest of the industry hardly even mentions Sencha. You'll find explosive debates online about React vs. Angular, Bootstrap vs. Material, and so on. Sencha's products rarely appear in any debates or analysis of the current web development landscape. Put bluntly, Sencha has a PR problem.
    • The big players in the industry (React, Angular, etc.) are moving rapidly to ECMAScript 6 and/or TypeScript, which brings numerous process and tooling improvements. Sencha will have a hard time joining this shift because their class system is so out of sync with the current standards.
    • Sencha just added Promises, but the rest of the industry is already moving toward RxJS and Observables, which offer much more power than the basic async features available via Promises.
    • For some reason, Sencha decided to create their own build tool (Cmd) and base it on long-outdated technology (Ant). Superior tools like npm and Gulp dominate the rest of the industry.
    If Sencha doesn't find a way to at least partially re-orient itself to be in line with the rest of the industry, they're going to be increasingly marginalized. It doesn't help that they're very insular and opaque (e.g. the community has literally no idea what their plans or future direction are).

    Can Sencha overcome these challenges? Maybe, but they need to take action soon. They've got to find ways to expand their developer base again.

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    There will always be some challenges, but none of these are "major" challenges.

    No other framework is close when it comes to offering a comparable set of components (especially the grid) and backed up by a strong data package.

    Documentation and support are top-notch.

    Nothing compares to Ext JS on the market as a total package, and I don't recommend the mix-and-match approach to building your own development stack.

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