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    Default GridPanel in a Window with an ArrayStore not rendering any data

    I'm trying to put a GridPanel powered by an ArrayStore in a Window, but no matter what I do, it just looks like this with no data rows inside:

    Here's my code:

    var ticketsStore =newExt.data.ArrayStore({ autoDestroy:false, remoteSort:false, data: result, fields:[{ name:'articleId', type:'int'},{ name:'heatTicketRef', type:'string'},{ name:'username', type:'string'},{ name:'dateLinked', type:'date'}]});var ticketsGrid =newExt.grid.GridPanel({ store: ticketsStore, id:this.id +'ticketsGrid', viewConfig:{ emptyText:'No data'}, autoShow:true, idProperty:'heatTicketRef', columns:[{ id:'heatTicketRef', header:"Ticket ID", width:100, dataIndex:'heatTicketRef', sortable:false},{ header:"User", width:100, dataIndex:'username', sortable:false},{ header:"Date Linked", width:100, dataIndex:'dateLinked', xtype:'datecolumn', format:'j M Y h:ia', sortable:false}]});var window =newExt.Window({ renderTo:Ext.getBody(), id:this.id +'linkedHeatTickets', closable:true, modal:true, autoHeight:true, width:500, title:'Linked Heat Tickets', resizable:false, listeners:{ close:function(){// do something }}, items:{ style:'padding:5px;', items: ticketsGrid }, buttons:{ text:'Close', handler:function(){ window.close();}}}); window.show();When I debug, I can see that my "result" object is healthy and the ArrayStore is of the right length:
    But the GridPanel doesn't like the data because it's not in its items (although it's in the store) array:

    What little thing have I done wrong?

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    Perhaps it's not properly reading your data? I created a sample data set that shows:
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